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Attention:  Pastors and Youth Leaders of the Kansas District

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

Too often we read of how the children entrusted to the care of adults have been let down and harmed by those who were meant to protect them. Such a thing grieves us all and in hindsight, we wish things were done to protect those children.

I want you all to know that the Kansas District Youth Ministry Team is continuing to take steps to be proactive in keeping the children, with whom we come in contact, as safe as we possibly can. To that end, the Kansas District Board of Directors has reviewed and updated our Youth Protection Policies. These policies are available below. Compliance with these updates pertaining to all District-sponsored youth events will take effect on January 1, 2015.

As we take these actions, we ask for your cooperation in maintaining the appropriate background checks and documentation of all of the people in your ministry who are involved or come in contact with the children in your sphere of ministry. We strongly encourage each of you to not only cooperate with the policies but to also consider applying these same policies in your congregations in order to also protect your adult volunteers who work with minors.

Because of the need for integrity, please understand that we must follow these policies as the best practice and with this letter and announcements at our Professional Church Worker’s Conferences, we hope to make sure that details are tended to so that none of our young people would be excluded from our events.

If you have questions or something seems unclear at this point, please feel free to contact me at pastor@hclcscottcity.org or
620-872-2294 (church).

Clay in His Hands,

Rev. Warren Prochnow, Chair
Kansas District Youth Ministry Team

Youth Protection Policies - approved April 25, 2014