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National Lutheran School Accreditation, based in St Louis, encourages and recognizes schools that provide quality Christian education and engage in continuous improvement.  NLSA accredits 694 schools in the Synod that have chosen to undergo vigorous self-study and evaluation. Currently, there are more than 2,300 LCMS preschools, elementary schools and high schools in the United States.

Terry Schmidt is Director of Schools for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and as such is the Director of National Lutheran School Accreditation. He does this out of his office in the International Center of the LCMS in St. Louis. Terry is continually working to not only improve the NLSA process, but to also bring NLSA and other accrediting agencies into agreement so that it becomes easier for schools to be co-accredited.  

Benefits of Accreditation                          
Kansas Pre-Accreditation Standards                          Kansas Pre-Accreditation Roadmap

 College-Career Readiness Standards