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IPDP - Individual Professional Development Plan

Can you tell me more about the IPDP process? 

Professional development points may be earned at three levels with this plan.  This new plan for licensure renewal was effective July 1, 2003.  All Kansas District educators are to use the IPDP plan.  Each educator must have a current IPDP on file at the District Office in order to receive in-service points.  You may update your plan at any time by mailing an update to: Kansas District LCMS, Educational Services, 1000 SW 10th Ave, Topeka, KS 66604-1104.

Included in the Roadmap are the required items to be on file (new plan and a copy of your Kansas teaching certificate), instructions to complete the plan, sample forms, and answers to commonly asked questions. 

How can I obtain the IPDP forms?

IPDP roadmap and other applicable forms are available below in either Word or PDF format. 

  Roadmap:  Word - PDF

  Plan:  Word - PDF

  Request for Points
        Application:  Word - PDF
        Service:  Word - PDF
        Knowledge Level:  Word - PDF
        Impact Level:  Word - PDF

  Other Important Forms
        Request for Transcript:  Word - PDF
        Verification of College Credits Earned:  Word - PDF

        Cooperating Teacher Log:  Word
        IPDP Transcript (for committee use):  Word - PDF

How often do I need to file a new IPDP?

Every time you get a new license, you need to file a new IPDP and all teachers must have a license on file at the District Office.

PDP Powerpoint Presentation from 2005 PCWC Conference 

PDC - Professional Development Council

For questions concerning your IPDP, contact one of the PDC members listed below.


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